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Nutritional Counseling in Morton

An apple and orangesThe typical Western diet is composed of foods that are overly processed, highly inflammatory and loaded with multisyllabic chemical ingredients. It’s no wonder that so many people in our country are sick, obese and out of shape. At Health Solutions, we want to help people change how they eat and live so they can experience better health!

Offering an In-depth Analysis

When you come in for nutritional counseling one of the first things we will recommend is that you log your diet for a few days. Doing so will make you more conscious of what you’re eating and how much. We also will ask if you are having any symptoms that could be associated with your diet. For example, gluten consumption can sometimes result in headaches.

We also can have your blood and saliva analyzed so we can see how your body is reacting. Is it more alkaline or acidic? Keeping your body in a more alkaline state can help you stay healthier overall.

Providing Dietary Recommendations

Instead of recommending a fad diet or one of the more popular diets on the market today, we take a whole food approach. We believe that organic is better than non-organic and foods that don’t contain GMOs are preferable. Providing recommendations that are sustainable is the approach we take. For example, we may suggest adding or removing foods from your diet that will be easy for you to do.

Despite our best intentions, we don’t always get the nutrition our body needs. That’s why we also feature supplements in our practice. We sell high-quality Perque and Ortho Molecular dietary supplements that have an excellent reputation.


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